What does a life coach do anyway?

How many times have you really needed someone to talk to, but walked away with more questions than answers? 

Do you find yourself mulling things over in your head, only to get side-tracked without actually solving the problem that’s weighing you down? 

Sometimes our problems can be so troubling and confusing, it seems like there’s no right answer.  It’s easier to throw your hands up in despair and have a glass of wine, than it is to come up with a possible solution!

You know you’ve got more to offer and to accomplish, but overwhelm consumes you and you have no clue where to even start!

Coaching provides a space for you to really focus.  Focus on what’s challenging you (no matter how big or how small).  Focus on what’s important to YOU.  Focus on your future and what YOU think is the best way to move forward.  It’s not about looking at the past to see what went wrong.  Your coach won’t offer up a host of solutions that don’t, in any way, relate to how you’re feeling, and your coach won’t interrupt with their own ideas about what’s right for you.

Your coach will ask you thought provoking questions.  Maintain a space for you that’s entirely yours.  Allow you to talk and offload and voice all YOUR opinions and ideas about how you see your life and the ways YOU want to improve it.  Support you as you begin to see things from a different perspective and find new ways to create your ideal life.  Coaching is action oriented and focuses on YOUR goals for YOUR future.

What’s stopping you from making a positive difference to your life??  Perhaps you’re so overwhelmed by every-day life you don’t know where to start?  Maybe you already know what direction you want to be heading, but feel defeated by all the choices you need to make?  It could just be that you’ve already taken that first step, but lost all momentum.  That’s where coaching comes in. 

Your friends may be perfect, not only to share that bottle of wine, but to share your indignation about what’s wrong in the world!  When everything seems impossible and you need the comfort of a best friend, they have the perfect shoulder to cry on.  If you want someone else’s opinion about the best way to move forward, where better to turn than your best buddy??

But will they challenge you to be the best you can possibly be?  Will they encourage you to really think about what’s right for YOU and about what’s holding you back?  Will they support and encourage you because they know that for you, in this moment, under these circumstances, you’re making the right choices for YOU?  Will they ask questions that make you dig deep and really consider what you want out of life, what’s getting in your way and exactly how you’re going to accomplish your wildest dreams?

Your coach will do all of that and more. 

Change starts with action.  You’ve already taken so many steps on your global journey, what small step will you take on your personal one?   What action will you take that puts you in the driver’s seat of the most important journey there is?

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